The 3 Rs: Reading, Writing and Risque

By | September 3, 2006

Perennially cash-strapped schools are always looking for new ways to raise funds. Scores Las Vegas, a strip club gentleman’s club managed to break new ground. The Las Vegas establishment sponsored “Detention” night to benefit the Public Education Foundation in Cook County. Strippers dressed as schoolgirls, teachers and librarians, though we imagine they didn’t stay dressed for long. Patrons donated over $1000 which Scores matched, delivering a check for $2500 to the foundation. Deb Hegna, director of development for the foundation was pleased. “From any licensed, legitimate business, we’re certainly happy to accept donations.” Chalk this up as a lesson in economics. To Cook county schools, all money is apparently green. As for the well-endowed women who helped boost the school’s endowment? We can only hope that they learned enough math to count singles. And a word of advice: the letter after D is not double-D.