Police: Vermont man crushed cop cars with tractor

By | August 7, 2012

The United States has fifty beautiful, amazing States, each with its own unique beauty and culture. From the hustle of Manhattan to the vast expanses of Texas, from the Everglades in Florida to the wine vineyards of California, our country has so much to see, and so much to be proud of.

Unfortunately, it seems that some states leave something to be desired. The good state of Vermont, for example, which is known primarily for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and smoking pot (possibly not in that order). There’s apparently not much else going on there, which is why one man decided to hold an impromptu monster truck rally.

Roger Pion, 34, had been arrested for marijuana possession earlier in the week, and was upset about having been denied access to his Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while incarcerated (let’s assume). Pion decided to take out his frustrations on the police in an interesting way – he went and got his tractor, and came back to the police station and rolled over the squad cars that were parked in the lot.

The police, caught completely unawares by the attack, had no way to chase after Mr. Pion (you know, because he crushed all of their cars). Somehow, he was miraculously captured “a short distance away” and charges were filed against him. Thankfully, since all of the police officers were inside during the attack, nobody was injured. Or, in the words of Sheriff Kirk Martin, “Nobody was hurt. That’s the thing everybody’s got to cherish.”

We’ll agree with that. At the end of the day, it was just some damaged cars and damaged pride, while locals got to see a show. Sounds like an afternoon to cherish for our friends in the fine state of Vermont.