Aerosmith Rock N Roller Coaster With The Lights On

By | February 7, 2024

There is only one roller coaster in all of Walt Disney World that features inversion- Rock N Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith. This ride not only inverts, but, like Disney’s classic Space Mountain coaster, it takes place in the dark. The conceit is that on a tour of Aerosmith’s studio, you get invited to join them in their limo on the way to a concert. Of course, the driver is, um, a bit aggressive. This is one of the few inverted coasters I have ridden on in the last 20 years- it’s fairly tame as these things go.

Despite persistent rumors of an imminent retheme, Aerosmith remains prominently featured in the ride.

Anyway, all dark rides occasionally have instances where for whatever reason the lights are on. Here is a video below of the Rock N Roller Coaster with the lights on.